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​45 Specific Facts on How Companies are Achieving Sustainability

Using the above title, create a list of 45 facts regarding companies’ efforts to achieve sustainability and reducing waste. You are to select nine (9) different companies. Use the Internet to find and write a minimum of five (5) facts about the methods used to cut waste and reduce environmental impact for each of the nine companies. The items are to be numbered 1 to 45. The website(s) from which you found your information is to be included as shown in the EXAMPLE below. The company name is to be present in each statement.

The Twitter Challenge – 140 characters maximum. As we live in a social media world and Twitter is being used more for business marketing, each statement is not to exceed 140 characters. For this assignment, spacing and punctuation will count as characters. The 140 characters is the old Twitter standard and for this assignment we will use the old standard. Items with more than 140 characters will not be counted as part of the student’s acceptable total. PAY ATTENTION TO THE CHARACTER COUNT.

EXAMPLE of how to present the facts:

Company 5. Orange Orange Inc. (www.orangeorangeinc.com)

21. All delivery trucks at Orange Orange Inc. have been converted to natural gas.

22. Orange Orange Inc. is committed to achieving zero landfill waste by 2020.

23. All Orange Orange Inc. team members are provided sustainability training on how to identify waste and are encouraged to recommend solutions. (This example is 140 characters.)

24. Orange Orange Inc. is the number one user of recycled dental floss.

25. Orange Orange Inc. changed lighting systems in its distribution centers and reduced electrical use by 30 percent.

Submit as a Word document through this Assignment portal. Do not use the textbook or instructor as your source. Include facts on environmental sustainability efforts of specific companies. Do not use generic company facts. Facts must be on the company’s sustainability efforts.

Grading Rubric Maximum Points: 50

Points Item

45 1 point for each accepted specific fact.

5 For numbering facts consecutively (1 to 45)

-3 Deducted for each company not sourced by proper web address

-1 Deducted for statements with more than 140 characters.

-1 Deducted for not including the company name within the statement.

-5 For submitting less than 5 acceptable statements for a company.

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