2 pages paper about public radio and the internet

Short writing assignment:

Public Radio and the Internet

  • Visit and peruse the website of the Public Radio Exchange: http://www.prx.org/series
  • Look over a selection of programs to get a partial sense of what is available via PRX. Choose one of the shows at the PRX site and listen to a podcast (preferably one you’ve never heard of or listened to before). Or, listen to the “PRX Remix,” the handpicked selection of work from public radio podcasts across the country.
  • Write a 2-page (double-spaced) response, in preparation for Section discussion:
  • 1. Explain in your own words what Public Radio Exchange is.
  • 2. Describe the show you selected and briefly recap the specific podcast you listened to
    – Where is the show from? Who produces it? What’s the premise or idea behind the program? Any other interesting or important facts about it?
    – What was the topic (or topics) of the specific podcast you listened to? How would you describe the approach to the topic, or how the story was assembled? What sources were used to assemble the story?
    3. Reflect on the role of the Internet as a distributor of local Public Radio programming:
    – What are the advantages of distributing local Public Radio shows through PRX? Are there any drawbacks? How might a show change as a result?
    4. Finally, brainstorm a few ideas for a radio show related to this class (I have attached the powerpoint and reading).
    – If you and your classmates were going to produce a radio program about this class, what are some podcast topics you would suggest? Would the show need to be any different on public versus commercial radio?

Please use simple words and grammar, as simple as you can.

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