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Do Exercise 5B “Should Coca-Cola, Build, Borrow, or Buy in 2020 -2021?” Steps 1, 2, and 3 (minimum of one-page assignment). (When accessing Coca-Cola’s website, you’ll have to click on “Press Center,”.) And do Exercise 6A “Perform a SWOT Analysis for Coca-Cola” as an individual, one-page assignment.


Should Coca-Cola Build, Borrow, or Buy in 2020–2021? Purpose Comparing what is planned versus what you recommend is an important part of case analysis. Do not recommend what the firm actually plans, unless in-depth analysis of the situation reveals those strate-gies to be best among all feasible alternatives. This exercise gives you experience conducting research to determine what a firm is doing in 2018–2019 and should do in 2020–2021.

Instructions :

Step 1

Go to the Coca-Cola corporate website and click on Press Center. Read through the most recent ten press releases.

Step 2

Determine two strategies that Coca-Cola is actually pursuing. Give some pros and cons of those two strategies in light of the guidelines presented in this chapter.

Step 3

Determine two strategies that Coca-Cola is not pursuing. Give some pros and cons of those two strategies in light of the guidelines presented in this chapter.


Perform a SWOT Analysis for Coca-Cola Purpose The SWOT Matrix is the most widely used of all strategic planning tools and techniques because it is conceptually simple and lends itself readily to discussion among executives and managers. The SWOT Matrix is effective in formulating strategies because it clearly matches a firm’s internal strengths and weaknesses with the firm’s external opportunities and threats to generate feasible strategies that should be considered. This exercise gives you practice in performing SWOT analysis for a large corporation.


Step 1

Develop a SWOT Matrix for Coca-Cola. Follow guidelines provided in the chapter, including notation (for example, S4, T3) at the end of each strategy. Include two strategies in each of the four (SO, ST, WT, WO) quadrants. Be specific regarding your strategies, avoiding generic terms such as forward integration. Use the Cohesion Case and the company’s most recent quarterly report as given at the corporate website.

Note: Feel free to list factors and strategies vertically on a page rather than necessarily fitting everything into a nine-cell array.

Please find the attached coca-cola case and SWOT Matrix example.

Please maintain APA format.

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