4-1 MS2 EMPH

Introduction-Describe the program and community selected for the evaluation and the public health issue   addressed by the program:  WISEWOMAN-Describe the stage of development of the program in the selected community.-Identify community stakeholders for this program evaluation.Evaluating the Selected Program: Describe what type of evaluation you will use to evaluate the program: (MIXED-METHOD)- Indicate why the selected evaluation type is appropriate given the program stage of development.Evaluation Questions: Specify 3–5 evaluation questions that are appropriate to the program stage of development and address stakeholder questions about the program:Q1.   · How can healthy food be made readily available to all the people in the community?Q2.   · How can the community be involved in physical activity?Q3.   · How can we make members of the community make healthy food choices?- List the evaluation questions that will be used for your project. Review the types of questions that are often posed for process evaluations.-Indicate which program elements will be examined by each question.-Summarize how the questions address each of the CDC standards including utility, feasibility, propriety, and accuracy.Ensure Use of the Findings:-How will the evaluation type you have chosen ensure use of the findings and provide lessons learned that will continue to improve programs targeting this issue?Submission 3 pages, APA format, 4 resources

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