4 full page essay related to the readings ill post to you.

I need a 4 full page essay APA formating style, answering the following questions with the respective readings ill post to you.What is a “social constructionist/constructivist” perspective on environmental problems? First, define this perspective and then use this perspective to show how the problem of global warming has been constructed. (reading 12 and 17)How are human ideas about nature (or the environment) reflected in actions toward it?  Answer this question using definitions and examples from class readings, videos and lectures.  Be sure to discuss specific ideologies (i.e., sets of ideas, beliefs, values) and demonstrate how these ideologies have material consequences using at least two examples (Nuclear Savage, In The Light of Reverence, An Inconvenient Truth, material from the Course Reader, or other course materials).  By “material” consequences, I mean physical effects or how we interact with and change the environment.

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