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Before you start this paper please make sure you read my outline, mainly because this paper is a continuation of my outline. This paper requires details on how people look like, dress, speak to each other, act, etc. from shoreline community (since I picked that type of restaurant). If you have any experience from the restaurant, or you witness something interesting (or your friends) you can use that in your paper. It is “not” research paper, it is observation paper.All the details on the paper you will find in attachment. I even attached the parts of the book the teacher would like us to use. Syllabus for description on grading rubric, what are the teacher expectation.For Monday, this is what the teacher requires:Next week – Week Four – for our class discussion, you will post a set of observations on one specific group of people you have observed at your eatery. Half of your grade will be based on this, while the other half is based on your analysis of your observations using gender concepts from the readings assigned for week four. So your post should consist of two parts – 1) your observations, and 2) your gender analysis of these observations. Do not cover people all over the eatery – make sure that what you post is on one specific group of people you observed.And this is what she comment on my outline:Very nice descriptions of the place and the people. It is not a shame if there’s only a certain type of people there – in fact your study may have more to say is such is the case. As you point now, the clientele will represent the culture of the shoreline, which is interesting in itself. The customers are expressing their identity by choosing to dine at such a place.If you need anything else then let me know

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