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a 7-8 page literature review on my theory that i chose social indentity theory

The assignment requires 8 scholary journal sources, here is the jist ofit

• Step 2/Gather Your Sources: 8 academic sources, minimum. Academic sources = scholarly journals. No newspaper articles, websites etc. may count towards your 8 scholarly sources, but may be used in your Introduction only to give context to your topic. Helpful Hint: Scholarly research can be difficult and/or time consuming to read. Make sure you start your research early to ensure that you have enough time to read and digest the articles before you write the paper. • Step 3/Write the research part of the paper: You should synthesize the 8 articles that you read in step 2 and write a paper that details the key concepts of the theory and the way your chosen theory has been researched. This is not an annotated bibliography. Your sources should be woven together and incorporated throughout(Again, this part of the paper should be 7-8 pages).

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