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BUSINESS Forum Prompt:

Your Discussion Forum this week takes you into the world of how and where to locate a business. Your assignment needs to start by locating a local business manager who will discuss with you the value of location to his or her business. A good place to start is with businesses you frequent such as Doctors, Dentists, Insurance agents, retail outlets, local restaurants, or possibly your HVAC service manager. You will need to prepare a questionnaire to use in the interview. The questionnaire should use only “open-ended questions,” or questions that solicit responses beyond yes or no. Start by viewing the resources below on how to conduct an interview, they are hyperlinked below.

Your initial discussion forum posting should have a list of the questions you asked and a paraphrase of the responses from you interviewee. At a minimum, focus on the following questions at a minimum

  1. The individual you interviewed including their position with the organization
  2. The type of business and it’s products or services, the location or locations of the business and how long the business has been in existence?
  3. In what ways has the current business location helped or hindered the organization’s business?
  4. If the owner had it to do over again, would he or she stay there or relocate somewhere else and what factors would they consider for the new location?
  5. Finally, ask your business owner or manager what two or three factors are most important when considering a location for this type of business.

Spend most of your time in this interview discussing questions 3, 4, and 5 in detail! Finally, sum up your interview and provide the class with any insights you gained from the interview regarding this business and location. Also, did you learn anything that surprised you or may have been different from the lesson materials?

Please use this format for your forum:

Question 1 –

Response . . .

Question 2.

Response . . .


Question X.

Response. . .

Interviewing resources:

Open and Closed Questions

Better Conversations with Open Ended Questions

Forum Instructions:

Your original post must be a minimum of 275 words.

economic Forum 4: Utility

For this week’s discussion, come up with an example of diminishing marginal utility you’ve encountered recently. Please, stay away from food and drink examples as much as possible.

Please, note that a minimum of 250 words for the initial post is required.

NEED THIS short essay by the end of the day

topic :public speaking

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