Answer the following questions below

HA405: Leadership and Ethics in Healthcare – DiscussionHealthcare Adminstration.Before responding to the Discussion, view this unit introduction video.Career PerspectiveUse this Discussion to reflect on this course and your future career in health care. Answer the following questions.What topics in the course will help you the most in your role as a practicing healthcare administrator?What ethical theories have given you the most direction in your leadership strategy?Do you have a clear understanding of values-based leadership?Did the development of a personal career plan help prepare for your healthcare career? If so, explain.Which leadership value was most interesting to you: Change, trust, emotional intelligence, respect, stewardship, collaboration, or interpersonal communications? Why?Please answer this question by question not as essay. Clear and strictly to the point, No Phariagism! Atleast 2 references.Need 250 -300 words.

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