Application Design Deliverables

1. Develop a complete set of Application Screen Designs using either the designed interfacescreens with Microsoft PowerPoint, MS Publisher, HTML Prototype, or developing aprototype using other software.• A minimum of eight (8) interface screens is required (nine screens including login page).• Capture screenshots of each interface from your design files (prototype or Visio mockup) and document in one MS Word document for clear and effective presentation of allthe screens and information.• Be sure to include the complete presentation, including branding, for the interface andfollow best practices.• Include all database elements, as the screens should account for all the information inthe system.• Design the application interface and screens/forms to consider the usability chapter inthe book, specifically considering the interface text, menus, input boxes/methods,navigation, buttons, and overall screen functionality.• Must include a detailed Interface Structure Diagram illustrating the relationshipsfrom screens and components throughout the prototype application design.• In the MS Word document, be sure to include documentation of navigation flowbetween the screens, tool tips, input validations and pre-determined error messages (seeyour use cases for ideas). This can also be programmed into the prototype, if youchoose.Notes:• Even if you did not have use cases for the functionality, the screen designs shouldbe present for the design of the deliverable to ensure a complete product.• You cannot use a pre-canned website subscription. These templates will not be avalid submittal for this assignment.Deliverable: Include both the HTML or mock up files and the MS Word document2. Develop five (5) Reports (output) specifications for your system, including at least onemanagement report. Illustrate the report using sample data to present the users with theinformation.• In MS Word, design a sample management report and for other report types specific tothe application. Prototype or Mock-up the sample output reports, so a user can reviewthe sample reports and provide input/feedback into the initial design. This shouldinclude fake data to illustrate the use of the report. It will be a prototyping tool used togather information from the users regarding their reporting needs.• Be sure to include the presentation of the summary information, along with other keyelements of a report:o Titleo Dateo Sourceo Parameters (data range, etc..)

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