Applying the Ethics Code

Applying the Ethics CodeFor this discussion, review the first two Case Study Scenario media pieces linked in Resources.After reviewing Case Study Scenario 1: Multiculturalism, respond to the following:What ethical and legal concerns are raised in this scenario?Identify the applicable ethical standards.Which ethical principles is the chair violating?What are the pros and cons of teaching the class?Support your observations with scholarly sources.After reviewing Case Study Scenario 2, respond to the following:What are two additional ethical or legal issues related to the scenario?In light of the new ethical concerns, propose a solution.Your initial discussion post should be at least 200 words. Remember to cite the sources you use to support your initial posts and responses.Response GuidelinesChoose at least two learners who saw things differently from you and explore their approaches to this scenario. Please try to choose posts that have not yet had responses. Compare and contrast your responses to those of your peers. Discuss how your perspectives have changed based on the information you learned. Where do you agree? Differ?Learning ComponentsThis activity will help you achieve the following learning components:Apply ethical theory to practice.Employ ethical decision-making models to practice.Brainstorm potential solutions for ethical challenges.ResourcesDiscussion Participation Scoring Guide.Case Study Scenario 1: Multiculturalism | Transcript.Case Study Scenario Part 2 | Transcript.Capella University Library.APA Style and Format.

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