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Assignment: Progress report


1. For this or another class, write a progress report to your instructor; describing the progress you’ve made on a project (your final major assignment for example). Use the guidelines suggested in this chapter (20). This should be one page in length.2. In a short memo to the instructor, identify and discuss the kinds of oral reporting duties you expect to encounter in your career. 3. Using your future career as an example, what are the primary ethical and legal issues when using social media on the job? Is the job one where social media will, or will not be used, and how will you self-regulate your social media accounts? You may utilize a current or past position if necessary.4. After identifying your primary and secondary audience, write a short planning proposal for improving an unsatisfactory situation in the classroom, on the job, or in your apartment (ex: poor lighting, drab atmosphere, health hazards, poor seating arrangements). Choose a problem or situation whose solution or resolution is more a matter of common sense and lucid observation than intensive research. Be sure to identify the problem clearly, give a brief background, and stimulate interest; clearly state the methods proposed to solve the problem; and conclude with a statement designed to gain audience support.5. Identify a dangerous or inconvenient area or situation on campus or in your community (endless cafeteria lines, an unsafe walkway, slippery stairs, a bad campus intersection, inadequate parking facilities, expensive athletic fees). Write a recommendation report to a specifically identified decision maker (ex; the head of campus security or local police chief) describing the problem, listing your observations, and making a recommendation. This should be one to two pages in length.

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