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Assignment: Risk Management

Hospital D uses an electronic system (application) to record events or incidents occurring within the hospital system. Currently, 40% of the events reported in the system need to be revised due to inaccurate initial categorization, which doubles the amount of work related to this function. Furthermore, additional notes from a prior internal interview of nurses indicate that between 40-50% of the incidents that occur are not being reported in the system at all because of misperceptions of what constitutes patient harm.Resource from OIG: HOSPITAL INCIDENT REPORTING SYSTMS DO NOT CAPTURE MOST PATIENT HARMhttps://oig.hhs.gov/oei/reports/oei-06-09-00091.pdfI uploaded the fileTasks:Use root-cause analysis to explore one of the issues: (1) 40-50% incidence reports not being reported at all; or (2) 40% of the incidents reported in the system are not categorized accurately and need to be analyzed and revised. (40 points)What other individuals would you want to include as part of your analysis and why? (nurses, other clinicians, IT) (10 points)Explain potential consequences of non-reporting or improper reporting of events in terms of compliance, patient safety, and productivity/efficiency aspects. Use the textbook and DHHS report as one of the resources. In addition, use a peer-reviewed article to support your answer. (20 points)

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