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BBA 304 Assignment 7.3

Assignment 7.3: Module Assignment — Developing Communications

In this assignment, you will develop some components of an integrated marketing communication (IMC). Specifically, you will develop three messages, identify the communication channels, and tell why these channels and why these messages.

If you have read your text, which covers this information very well, then you will be able to complete this assignment easily. You must recall the full range of IMC because the communication must show your understanding of the full range. But you are just being asked to think about the ads you would develop-the communications section of marketing is what really does pull everything together


Background Information You Will Need

You will develop the bare bones of a campaign to advertise the BBA304 Marketing Management course at Jones International University. While knowledge of precise costs is not necessary, you must keep the approximated costs realistic. You have $10,000 for this campaign.

Your market segment is students in the BBA program at Jones International University who will be taking the Marketing Management course. You want to build enthusiasm for the course.

Now, let’s start:

  1. With your knowledge of the students at Jones International University, decide which media you will use to communicate.
    1. You must use at least three unique different channels as explained in your text (these include: traditional advertising through radio or television, Internet, viral, social media, direct marketing, outdoor/out of home, telephone/telemarketing, print, point of purchase, and electronic media).
    2. Be specific (e.g., what type of Internet marketing–banners, pop-ups; what type of outdoor/out of home–billboards, signage, kiosks, posters; what type of direct marketing–direct mail, generic mailings, inserts, targeting mailings, personalized mailings, customized, one-to-one; what type of traditional media–print, radio, television, infomercials, product placement, etc.).
    3. Explain why you chose these media.
  2. Develop a sample communication message for each of the three unique media selected (you must use three different channels). Be creative in your development of the content of the message–you do not need to be an artist to develop your message.
    1. Utilize any outside resource you think might be successful or beneficial.
    2. Remember to include the message about the product/service or company you think will make the campaign successful.
  3. For each channel, describe the evaluation method and timing you will use to determine the success of the media in the channel.
  4. Format your paper using APA guidelines, especially in completing Step 2 of the procedure. Your research should be used to support your own ideas using your own words, while giving credit to the source of your ideas using proper reference citations.

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