BIAM 510 Week 6 case study

Read the attached case study and see the attached example.

Task 1: Prepare a one-paragraph executive summary for the president of this supermarket chain. Include the salient results and your recommendations.

Task 2: Make a list of other measures that might have been made with the data and what insight they could provide. Discuss using both basic descriptive measures and association rules.

Task 3: What was the original business problem being addressed? What was it changed to and why was it changed? Answer these questions.

Task 4: The first analysis resulted in a very uninteresting finding regarding ethnic group distribution. What made it uninteresting? What other variables can you think of that might have the same difficulty? Answer these questions.

Task 5: Describe the excluded middle approach used in this study.

Task 6: This study was done for a supermarket chain in Texas. Can you think of other situations where a similar approach would be useful? Why? Answer these questions

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