BUS620 America Public University Delta Airlines Future Plan Paper

Course Objective: Understand the importance of developing a thorough plan that will guide the organization in the future.

Question posed: Read an article in the business press about a major action taken by a corporation. You can start with Bloomberg Businessweek, Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine, Fortune Magazine, The Economist or Harvard Business Review, to name a few.

  • Introduce the article; explain what the article entails and how it relates to the topics in this week’s readings.
  • Share the source.
  • Share your thoughts on what the major issues are and how the company can fix/eliminate the issues or capitalize on the opportunities.
  • If you need assistance with your research, please take time to work with the APUS assigned course librarian who would be more than happy to assist you with your research efforts.

Instructions: respond to initial question by Thursday 11:59pm ET and provide peer responses by Sunday 11:59pm ET. Make sure to review the “Forum Rubric” located in the “Course Announcement” section of the course prior to submittal.

Proof read your post, prior to submittal, to catch grammatical errors.

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The goal of our first forum is to get to know each other. Be creative, post a picture, find an internet article that is your favorite and answer the questions below. For this virtual discussion, picture yourself sitting around the table getting to know the class. There are no wrong answers. I look forward getting to know you.

1. From one of your famous or most read or admired authors, what is a quote you might live by or like to tell others? Or, list some significant event that you know about that relates to this course topic. Or list some other famous quote. Maybe there is a great scientific discovery you admire. Or describe a great person or hero in your life.

2. Next, list what music you listen to; what you watch on film, television, or video, what you read in print or online, and where you go to have fun for travel or recreation.

3. What is the view outside your window? What is your favorite app on your electronic device? Is your fridge more likely to be full of food or take-out containers?

4. This is so cool, describe yourself using 4 adjectives; not three or five; just four.

Instructions: Your initial post should be at least 250 words.

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