Can someone read this article and answer the question Bolded

Assignment 1: Discussion—Reviewing a CritiqueVisit the following link and read Roger Ebert’s review of the movie The Social Network:Ebert, R. (2010). The Social Network. Retrieved from Ebert’s review in support, respond to the following question:According to Ebert, what are the two to three reasons this movie was so popular? Use specific examples from the article to support your discussion.Apply your learning from MWL on grammar and writing strategies.Write your initial response in about 2–3 paragraphs. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.Note that your response to this assignment will also be submitted as a piece of writing for M4: Assignment 2 for a review of your writing skills. Therefore, make sure your response to this assignment is logical, clear, and well organized. Also, proofread your response for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors

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