Career Opportunities Research and Report

Career Opportunities Research and ReportAn important aspect of this assignment is to show you the depth and breadth of your education. As you’ll learn, there is a great deal of overlap with respect to the training and educational requirements of each position.After researching the child and family development related careers belowwrite two thorough and succinct paragraphssummarizing the job responsibilities and career outlook for each.  For this assignment, the Occupational Outlook Handbook ( may prove helpful. Once the 12 sets of paragraphs (a minimum of 24 paragraphs) are complete, compile them into a single APA formatted paper using the career titles as in-text headings.  End the paper with two to three paragraphs on which of the careers is most appealing and which is least appealing to you and explain why. This assignment is due in your Student Folder by 11:59 PM EST on Sunday of Week 2.  As with other written assignments, all work must be in compliance with university academic standards and formatting rules of the American Psychological Association (APA) – 6th Edition.Child Life SpecialistEarly Childhood InterventionAdult Protective ServicesCourt Appointed Special ServiceHead Start Administrator/TeacherForensic InterviewerChildren’s Protective ServicesPregnancy CentersAdoption AgenciesFoster CareWomen’s SheltersChildren’s CampsThese must be submitted in the order listed above

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