case analyze

  1. What are the key characteristics of the wearable device market?
  2. What key competitive advantages relative to the wearable device market does Fitbit possess?
  3. What are Fitbit’s most significant competitive disadvantages or vulnerabilities?
  4. What competitive advantages relative to the wearable device market do the competitors named in the case possess?
  5. At which stage of the Product Life Cycle (PLC) is the Fitbit product line? NOTE: Make sure to use marketing concepts as well as evidence from the case to support your points in this discussion.
  6. What potential generic strategies for growth would be appropriate for Fitbit given its PLC stage?
  7. Based on your analysis of the above topics, compare and contrast each of the target marketing strategies below:
    • Wellness targeting of consumers, employers, insurers and wellness companies
    • Helping patients manage chronic diseases
  1. Select one of the previous target marketing strategies and develop recommendations for Fitbit to move forward on it. Make sure to address how you would tailor the strategy to capitalize on Fitbit’s strengths while minimizing the impacts of its vulnerabilities and the threats of key competitors in that segment.

(Don’t write too good. Using simple sentence and making some grammar mistakes.)

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