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Chemistry week one learning activities

1. Identify the following as an observation (O), a hypothesis (H), an experiment (E), or a conclusion (C).2a. While conducting a new procedure to peel oranges, John noted that it was faster than the traditional oneb. After repeating a new procedure to peel oranges several times, John realized that it is faster than the traditional procedure.c. John decided to repeat a new procedure to peel oranges several times to evaluate whether it was faster than the traditional one.d. John believes that a new procedure to peel oranges will be faster than the traditional one2. Solve each of the following for xa.   x/2 + 2 = 5b.  4x – 8 = 24c. 3x + 4 = 13d. 7a = 49e. 2b + 5 = b + 93. Write the following in scientific notationa. 4900000b. 0.0000347c. 676000000d. 0.00000908e. 0.00050f. 50060004. Which number in each of the following pairs is larger?a. 2.3 x 107  or  65300b. 0.0004  or  5.0 x 10-6c. 2.54 x 103 or  254d. 4.5 x 10-5  or  7.4 x 10-65. How many significant figures are in each of the following?a. 2.0004b. 0.00000345c. 42.000d. 43000e. 0.000042006.  A sculptor has prepared a mold for casting a bronze figure. The figure has a volume of 675 mL. If the bronze has a density of 7.8 g/mL, how many ounces of bronze are needed in the preparation of the bronze figure?

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