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Cloud Computing assignment – risk management

Why is risk management important? Is there a difference between risk management and risk analysis? Please be sure to explain why. Atleast 300 words.

I need an

1. Initial post

2. Two response posts

Please follow the discussion guidelines below:

Initial Post

The post length may vary by discussion topic or activity, but in general, the post length should be between 1-5 paragraphs (3-5 lines per paragraph) long. It’s helpful to keep posts concise when in an online forum, as reading large amounts of text online can be straining, both for your eyes and mind. Additionally, it can be time consuming to read many long posts. However, the post should not be too short either. For more information regarding what criteria the substance of the post is based on, see the Discussion Board Rubric. Subject Line The subject line should reflect the topic being discussed. The subject line is important because many people decide whether or not to read a message or posting based on the title. The subject here should be short and relevant, but draw other readers in and make them want to read what you have to say. Take a minute: Before posting, take a minute to review the discussion topic and make sure you understand what is required before responding. If you have a question about what it is that you are supposed to post, ask your instructor for some clarification.

Response Post

Two response posts are required for each discussion topic. Each Response post should generally be about a paragraph (3-5 lines) or less in length.

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