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coca leaf global commodity, law homework help

Hey you have done pretty much all pertaining to coca leaf so I wanted you to tackle this question as well..

It needs to be 850 words or more.. with apa referencing

After reading pp. 1-188 of “Andean Cocaine: The Making of a Global Drug” please discuss the emergence of the coca leaf as a cultural staple to a global commodity 1550-1910.

DONT GO CRAZY FOR THE “READING PART” lol  because as I said all the stuff you have done for me were from chapters of this book. think this is like chapters 1-4 Just answer the question accordingly, but feel free to use as a reference and include page numbers.. Before i googled the book and send you pictures from the book so if you want to get with me as far as what chapters are about what just let me know, i do have this book so it will be easier if u need me to look up something

* i posted this yesterday and i see you didn’t respond so i adjusted the time just in case you didn’t get my private message about me needing it on thursday before midnight

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