Code of Ethics and Case Study

Scholarly Sources Only in APA FormatEthics Case Study PreparationIn your Managing in the Public Sector textbook, go to page 146 in the Appendix. You will see a list of case studies that involve ethics. From this list, choose one case study that will be the focus of this discussion. Choose a case study from your area of specialization (you may need to do some cross-checking), or as close to it as possible.DiscussionIdentify the number of the case study you selected in the subject line of the discussion area. For example: u07d1 Ethics Case Study 35 – J. DoeFor this discussion, first briefly explain why you selected the case study you identified.Explain what you believe to be the ethical issue or issues involved in the situation. Keep in mind that you may have to make your own conclusions based on the information available.Using the ethical theories presented in the Introduction (pages 1–14), explain which ethical principles you would apply to the situation and why.Utilitarian Theory (Teleological Ethics)Duty Ethics (Deontological Ethics)Virtue EthicsSubjectivismCultural RelativismPsychological EgoismReminderYour post needs to:Be at least 250 words.Contain a minimum of one reference or citation.Follow APA guidelines.=======Internet SearchDo an Internet search for an organization or professional association that is directly or closely aligned to your area of specialization. Within the Web site for that organization or association, locate a code of ethics. Make note of the Web address or bookmark it so that you can easily find this again for the second discussion in Unit 7. It may be easier to search for a code of ethics aligned with your specialization and then note the organization that publishes the code.Living by a Code of Ethics PreparationEarlier in this unit, you did an Internet search for a professional code of ethics from an association aligned with your field or specialization. Review that code in preparation for this discussion.DiscussionA code of ethics is important in guiding decision making when values are in conflict and in helping to define acceptable behavior for members of an organization.Provide the name of the organization or the organization that publishes the code of ethics that you found, for example, the American Society of Public Administration. Also provide the URL to the code of ethics. Be sure that you are following APA guidelines when providing this information.Using the information in your Managing in the Public Sector textbook (the Introduction you read for this unit) to guide your choices, identify the following:One ethical standard from the code of ethics you located that is based on teleological ethics (utilitarian theory).One standard that is based on deontological ethics (duty ethics).Explain how your choices fit the ethical theories. What are the basic differences between teleological and deontological ethics?Be sure you follow APA guidelines for citations and references.ReminderYour post needs to:Be at least 250 words.Contain a minimum of one reference or citation.Follow APA guidelines.

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