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Remember this is a Cellular system focus, do not attempt diagnose and / or treat. Think about what is happening at thecellular level.Create a pathophysiology flow chart/ mind map.In that flow chart 1- illustrate and differentiate the pathophysiology of HGSIL in relation to normal cells,   2- Illustrate the pathophysiology of HPV and how it may cause cell changes and what those changes could be  3-  in that, demonstrate the relationship between the LSIL, HGSIL and HPV.USe this informationCC: 32-year-old African American female in to follow up her pap smear 2 weeks ago.HPI: No overall complaints. She was in to see you last week for a repeat pap. She had a pap 14 months before that which she was told was +LSIL. She states she occasionally has spotting in between periods and sometimes after sexual intercourse. Her last menstrual period was six weeks ago. Her periods are often irregular since she got a Nexplanon for pregnancy prevention two years ago. She has been married for three years and doesn’t have children at this time nor seeking pregnancy.PMH: Other than her irregular pap 14 months ago, no other chronic medical conditions. She has had no surgeries or hospitalizationsMeds:  Nexplanon for about 2 years, occasional multivitamin.FH: Her dad is 68 and has hypertension, and her mom is 64 has diabetes type 2 and hypertension. Her older sister is 34 and has asthma. She has two older brothers, ages 36 & 37 both with diabetes. She is not aware of any cancers in her family.SH: She is married, no children and works full time as a legal aid. She lives in a rented apartment with her husband and a dog. She has a large extended family that lives nearby.  She is a one pack a day smoker for 15 years. She has occasional alcohol, no illicit or street drugs ever. She has moderate stress with her job.Allergies: NKDA, environmental, food or material allergies.ROS:General: denies weight changes, fever, fatigue or night sweats.Skin: denies changes in moles or any new lesionsCardio: denies chest pain, palpitations, orthopnea, DOE, or edema.denies cough or shortness of breathGI: denies abdominal pain, diarrhea or ConstipationGU: see HPIVS: BP 137/89 P: 70 RR: 15 T: 98.6 Ht:  64in Wt: 189  BMI: 33PE: General: alert, overweight adult female, in no acute distressLab results:  Cytology: HGSIL  HPV:  + High risk HPV present

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