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Corporate Governance Report and Power Point

Corporate Governance Report and Power Point

Corporate Governance is the core responsibilities of Boards, Board Committees and Management. As an accountant, what should be your role in relating to these groups? What information should an accountant provide to help guide and support the board and management. This report should be at least three pages and no more than six single spaced with double spacing between paragraphs. You must include citations in your text and a bibliography at the end.

Your report should include governance for any organization and include a focus on how different accounting roles (CFO, outside auditors, and internal auditors) shape and relate to the governance process. What are the ethical challenges? What is the role of an internal control (as well as internal audit) in governance? What types of communication is required to promote effective corporate governance as appropriate actions related to governance, risk, and control (GRC)?

Based on your report prepare a power point presentation of at least five slides presenting your opinion. The power point presentation does not need a bibliography but should indicate on your title page the work is based on the paper you prepared.

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