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Critique Article

SUMMARY OF THE RESEARCHPROBLEM STATEMENT (what is the primary research question):HYPOTHESIS (what does the author predict):BACKGROUNDDo the authors provide a good rationale for the questionDo the authors provide adequate support for the study’s utilityMEASUREMENT OF VARIABLESDependent variable:Independent variable(s):RESEARCH DESIGN:SAMPLING (random assignment/random selection):INSTRUMENTATION (how do they measure; is it operationally defined):DATA COLLECTION/ETHICS:DATA ANALYSIS (statistical validity):Authors’ CONCLUSIONS (do the authors’ conclusions coincide with the results, Construct Validity?):CRITIQUEPossible Threats to Internal ValidityHistory, Maturation, Instrumentation, Testing or Practice Effect, Statistical regression (regression toward the mean), Selection, Mortality, Sequencing, Participant Effects, or Experimenter EffectsPossible Threats to External ValidityUnique program features, experimental arrangements, other threatsCONCLUSIONS:Does the article make sense?Is the article useful?Do you have confidence in the findings? Why or why not?What might you change if you were to redo this study?What significance do you see from this study for society in general?What significance do you see from this study for public administrators?

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