Cross-Cultural Differences in Leadership

Assume that your boss has asked you to prepare aformalBusiness Report on Cross-Cultural Differences in Leadership which will be shared at the next executive meeting.In this report they want to see well-documented information on the ways cross-cultural differences affect leadership in the 21st century.Your report should contain two main parts:1) general part, which evaluatescurrent trendsin cross-cultural communication and describesmost relevant frameworksdealing with cross-cultural differences;2) specific part, which evaluates how cross-cultural differences influence the performance ofthe chosen companywith specific examples; this part should be written in a problem-solution format and end up with set of recommendations relevant for the company.In order to get A and B level grades, you must demonstrate knowledge of frameworks and studiesbeyond the content of the textbook and in-class explanationsin your report and provide a relevant set of recommendations,precisely targeting specific problemsyou identified in the chosen company. Avoid general recommendations which could be applied to almost any company.Points to cover- in Business Report:1. Current trends analysis❏ Report should include at least 5 relevant trends❏ Both positive and negative aspects of the chosen trends should be identified and analyzed❏ Analysis should be illustrated with practical examples2. Frameworks description❏ At least 3 relevant frameworks should be included in the report❏ Relevance of chosen frameworks in contemporary business environment should be discussed❏ Key components of each framework should be outlined❏ Benefits and limitations of each framework are clearly identified❏ Assertions are supported with research3. Cross-cultural differences in the chosen company❏ Main dimensions of cross-cultural differences in the chosen company should be outlined❏ Both positive and negative effects of these differences on company’s leadership, decision-making processes and overall performance should be identified and analyzed❏ Analysis thoroughly employs trends and frameworks discussed in the General part (means part 1of the report)4. Conclusion and Recommendations❏ Recommendations should be precisely targeted to each problem identified❏ Each recommendation should be:❏ specific❏ action-oriented, concise and clearly written❏ realistic and feasible❏ supported by research5. Integration of concepts from the textbook/other sources❏ Multiple sources are used in both main sections❏ Citations are used to support specific and relevant points, not to provide basic definitions❏ Cited sources match concepts discussed❏ Reference list formatted properly❏ References are accurate and all of them are used in the reportProfessionalism of the document❏ Report must includes all required sections❏ Minimum word count requirement is met- least 3000 words❏ Report exhibits good writing, research and analytical skills, appropriate for an MBA-level paper❏ Report is coherent; your key points are clear❏ Report does not contain grammar or spelling mistake❏ APA 7 ed, citing required❏ No plagiarism❏ Report must include: executive summary, introduction, main body, conclusion, and list of recommendations❏ Report must include 6-8 citations and references in addition to the textbookAll sources must have: authors, publication dates, and publishers· Report must exhibit good writing, research, and analytical skills, appropriate for an MBA-level paper· Report must be written in the formal styleAvoidusing personal pronouns and sharing personal experience for this assignmentAvoid/limitusage of charts, diagrams and other visual components, instead concentrate on making your ideas coherent, relevant and convincing· Submit your report via Turnitin timely;

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