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ASSIGNMENT DUE IN 13 HOURS (7:00 pm NEW YORK TIME ZONE). IF YOU CANNOT COMPLETE ASSIGNMENT BY DEADLINE PLEASE DUE NOT REQUEST TO DO ASSIGNMENT. I CANNOT SUBMIT ASSIGNMENT PAST DEADLINE, SO IF IT IS NOT COMPLETED BY 7:00 PM I WILL REQUEST REFUND.DQ 1 250 WORDSAccording to the textbook, gender is the social construct that is assigned and learned based on cultural concepts about the nature of sex differences and their place in social life. In your forum response, explain how these gender roles function within their society.DQ 2 250 WORDSA rite of passage is a ritual that helps mark a person’s transition from one status to another. All cultures have rites of passage to mark these important transitions. With that in mind, choose a rite of passage either from the textbook or from your own research. What is the function of this rite within the particular society?

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