Data Interpretation- APA – 2 REFERENCES

Please read below statement:IMPORTANT PLEASE READ FULL INSTRUCTIONS. NO PLAGIARISM! NO QUOTES, MUST PARAPHRASE. I WILL CHECK FOR RECYCLED WORK AND PLAGIARISM. THIS ASSIGNMENT IS DUE 01/20/22 AT 9PM PST. IF YOU CANT MEET THIS DEADLINE, DONT AGREE TO DO MY ASSIGNMENT. PRICE ISNT NEGOTIABLE.  PLEASE UNDERSTAND BY ACCEPTING TO DO MY WORK, I HAVE STRICT RULES. I DONT LIKE TO DISPUTE, BUT I WILL IF DIRECTIONS ARENT BEING FOLLOWED. IF I SEE SOMETHING WRONG AFTER PURCHASING, I WILL GIVE YOU A CHANCE TO FIX IT IMMEDIATELY. THIS DOESNT MEAN HOURS  LATER. IF YOU TURN SOMETHING INTO ME EARLY, I EXPECT YOU TO FIX MY ASSIGNMENT IMMEDIATELY. DONT LIE TO ME, IF THESE RULES ARENT FOLLOWED, I WILL DISPUTEYou are planning a case-control study of lung cancer to test the hypothesis that vegetable consumption is protective against lung cancer. In one or two paragraphs, explain the study design. Would you match on smoking? Explain, but without going into detail on how you would reduce design bias.Guided Response: The results of an epidemiologic can be affected by confounding. The astute epidemiologist needs to be able to assess the possibility of confounding when examining a study that finds associations between and exposure and a health outcome.

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