Developmental Psycology. 10 Questions to answer

Hi, I need this job to be completed by Sunday noon (USA Eastern Time), If you are not able to complete it, please do not apply, after that time I can do it by myself.Only 10 questions to be answered. You can either take it from the PDF I am posting or any place as long as it is correct.PSY1001Chapter 51. How do sleep patterns change from birth to 18 months?2. What are the arguments for and against bed-sharing?3. What is the difference between experience-expectant and experience-dependent growth?4. What should caregivers remember about brain development when an infant cries?5. Why is hearing more acute than vision in the early weeks?Chapter 61. What suggests that infants have an understanding of how objects move?2. What does face recognition tell us about infant cognition?3. What is the significance of the concept of object permanence for infant cognition?4. According to behaviorism, how do adults teach infants to talk?5. According to sociocultural theory, why do infants try to communicate?

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