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DeVry University Week 1 Boeing Company Mission & Vision Research Paper

In the sections below, you will find helpful information for completing your Individual Research Paper. Your assignment is to review and discover how your company developed a successful Fortune 500 company by means of utilizing the four principles of management. Each student is required to prepare three separate five- to eight-page Individual Research Papers (excluding appendices), on the broad theme of principles of management. Within this broad theme, the project is intended to be an opportunity to explore the four functions of management (planning, organizing, leading, and controlling), which leads to the achievement of organizational stated purposes.

Steps to Select a Company for the Individual Research Paper

Select and access a Fortune 500 company of interest. Go to www.fortune500.com, excluding Top 20.

  • Review Introducing the 2018 Fortune 500 video (bottom right).
  • Also, utilize List of Fortune 500 companies and their websites at https://zyxware.com/articles/4344/list-of-fortune-500-companies-and-their-websites.

Note: Please copy and paste the two links above, and open in a new window page for access.

In developing the Individual Research Paper, select a company of interest to you, excluding the Top 20 listed. Yes, this means that you have 480 companies to research and learn more about their managerial approaches to success. Think of yourself as an employee looking to move to lower level management.

Look for a company that you personally may have dealings with as a consumer to accentuate your future customer considerations.



The TEAM Research Paper consists of three principle of management deliverables.

  • Week 1: Select Fortune 500 Company (100 points)

The project should follow this timeline.




Select Fortune 500 Company (100 points)


Week 1: Select Fortune 500 Company (100 points)

Instructions: Follow the instructions in the rubric below to complete and submit the sections of your Week 1 Assignment: Select Fortune 500 Company.

Your team will prepare a five- to eight-page research paper selecting a Fortune 500 company, excluding the Top 20.

This paper should be formatted in APA, including a title and reference page. You should incorporate in-text citations and have at least three scholarly references. Please do not use Wiki as a viable source.




Title Page


Title of your Top Fortune 500 Company paper

Your name, class, instructor, e-mail address, and date



Research and identify an overview detailing the history of the selected company to include how long they have been in Fortune 500.

  1. What does this company do?
  2. Provide an overview detailing the history of the company to include how long they have been in Fortune 500?
  3. Why did you select this company?



Identify company mission and vision statement.



Define the leadership team and their roles.



Require two resources and e-book. Cite all sources.

All references must be cited in two places: in text citations within the body of the paper and on a separate reference list.

All of your papers should be written with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. All references and format should be in proper APA format.



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