discussion 400-500 words “finish in 12 hours” chapter 11-13

Please focus your discussion on the following questions:1) Think of the organization, criminal justice or not, that you work for (can be past or present/paid or volunteer; you do not have to list company/organization names or any other identifying/personal information, general is fine). Make a list of the model management practices listed by the authors. Check off where you think your work is meeting these standards and where they fall short. Discuss your findings. In what ways could things be changed in order to create a positive outcome? Explain your answer.2) List the model management practices that you believe you possess and those that you could learn more about. Make a list and compare and discuss this list with your classmates.I’m looking for well-thought-out answers. Please take your time and be as honest as you can with your reflection statement. Please consult the discussion rubric link (above) for guidance on how to earn full credit for your discussion.

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