Discussion 7.1 and 7.2 AND 8.1

7.1As 3HS has been investigating updating its HIT system, one of the vendors has touted his product’s commitment to the HL7 FHIR standard.  The procurement task force has asked is 3HS should move to that standard.  Explain what you will advise:  who is HL7 and what is the standard known as version 2, version 3, CDA and FHIR.7.2The executives at helping hands hospital system (3HS) have been invited to participate in a Standards Development Organization (SDO).  What is an SDO, what does it do, and what are some examples other than HL7?8.1The 3HS procurement process is accelerating, but the workgroup would like a follow up of your briefings in Week 4 regarding interoperability and Week 5 regarding integration.  Briefly describe UMLS, what standards it supports, and how it can help address interoperability

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