Discussion questions Wk 5

No need for APA formating just need to answer each question with a minimum of 80 words each.Message 1:Why are assessments important to employee development? Would using assessments alone be effective? Explain your answer.What is the role of coaching in an effective employee development plan? Why would managers avoid coaching their employees?Message 2:Many organizations have developed their own universities. What are the advantages and disadvantages in doing this?What training methods are effective in training executives? Why are they effective?Message 3:What is the budgeting process presented and have you ever participated in a training budget?Message 4:Have you ever worked within an organization where the objectives and expectations were not clear? What were the outcomes?Message 5:What are your thoughts and processes of management development and what are some areas of improvement?Message 6:How can Job rotation benefit employees and companywide? Please explainMessage 7:Where and how can employee training and development benefit both the employee and the company? Please explainMessage 8:Explain the various levels in management and their roles.

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