Discussion: Special Populations- 3 references

*MUST READ DIRECTIONS* NO SECOND CHANCES!Please read below statement:IMPORTANT PLEASE READ FULL INSTRUCTIONS. NO PLAGIARISM! NO QUOTES, MUST PARAPHRASE. I WILL CHECK FOR RECYCLED WORK AND PLAGIARISM. THIS ASSIGNMENT IS DUE 04/07/22 AT 9PM PST. IF YOU CANT MEET THIS DEADLINE, DONT AGREE TO DO MY ASSIGNMENT. PRICE ISNT NEGOTIABLE.  PLEASE UNDERSTAND BY ACCEPTING TO DO MY WORK, I HAVE STRICT RULES. I DONT LIKE TO DISPUTE, BUT I WILL IF DIRECTIONS ARENT BEING FOLLOWED. IF I SEE SOMETHING WRONG AFTER PURCHASING, I WILL GIVE YOU A CHANCE TO FIX IT IMMEDIATELY. THIS DOESNT MEAN HOURS  LATER. IF YOU TURN SOMETHING INTO ME EARLY, I EXPECT YOU TO FIX MY ASSIGNMENT IMMEDIATELY. DONT LIE TO ME, IF THESE RULES ARENT FOLLOWED, I WILL DISPUTEOne of the growing concerns in U.S. public health circles is the increase in the number of individuals infected with the HIV virus. The populations on the sharpest rise are young adults and African-Americans. Additionally, areas such as the Southeastern United States, known as the Bible Belt, are also seeing a dramatic rise in this virus. Given that the HIV/AIDS numbers were steadily declining for nearly a decade, it is alarming to see this disease once again on the rise. However, due to tremendous research funding, HIV is no longer the death sentence as it once was, allowing for ample treatment options for those infected to live healthy normal lives. Given the public’s awareness with this disease, the many services and policies in place to help those infected, and the better treatment options available, questions arise whether HIV and the individuals infected should remain a constant concern or if they should follow other chronic conditions such as Herpes and Hepatitis as something for the individual to monitor and treat.For today’s debate you will arguefor individuals infected with HIV/AIDS to remain a special population in the United States, to be a focus for research funding, and to remain protected from public acknowledgementInclude one initial post using at least three scholarly sources (textbooks are NOT scholarly).Document all sources in APA style,

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