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Narcissistic Personality ThreadCOLLAPSEYour original discussion should answer the following questions and thoroughly discuss your work on the questionnaire(s) you selected:Your score on the questionnaire or results, if applicable. If your selected questionnaire doesn’t provide a score, then say so in your discussion and discuss the questionnaire.Your opinion regarding your score or results based on the feedback in the questionnaire AND on what you learned about that topic in the related chapter. Discuss your results fully and why you think you got the score you got. What does your score say about your performance in that area?What have you learned in the chapters and module that might change the way you think or act in the future? How will you apply this knowledge in your life?Your work will be graded based on the following scoring rubric (all Yes answers earns 4 points; No’s will result in point deductions at your instructor’s discretion):YesNoLength: original post is between 150-200 words?Score: Lists the total score or describes the questionnaire?Discussion: Discusses the score based on the feedback instrument or chapter and module contents?Learning: Discusses what learned in the chapter and/or module?Application: Discusses how you might apply what you learned?Reply: Replied to one student with a meaningful 50-100 word contribution to their understanding of the topic?Timely: All work was submitted on time?College-level work: Writing was college level (spellling, punctuation, grammar)?

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