DUE IN 14 HOURS. I NEED A SERIOUS AND HONEST TUTOR. I have simple multiple choice questions. I did them but I failed some of them. I want somebody to redo the ones I failed. They are simple only that I just messed up.

Quality Management: A Systems ApproachStudent NumberDate Graded02/21/16ExaminationGrade60Document IDQuestion NumberYour AnswerAnswerReference1.AIncorrect2.CIncorrect3.ACorrect4.DCorrect5.BIncorrect6.CIncorrect7.ACorrect8.DIncorrect9.CCorrect10.ACorrect11.AIncorrect12.CIncorrect13.ACorrect14.BCorrect15.ACorrect16.DCorrect17.DCorrect18.CCorrect19.BCorrect20.CIncorrectQuestions Answered Incorrectly1.   Which one of the following systems context models uses a contemporary triad and illustrates essential elements of organizational effectiveness?Student Answer: AAnswer: IncorrectReference:2.   A quality manager asks why medical errors are increasing. By asking this type of question, you can deduce that she’s most likely at which stage?Student Answer: CAnswer: IncorrectReference:5.   A systems manager comes to work in the morning after his night team had a long night of system issues. The manager stops one employee in the hall to ask what happened during the evening shift. The employee shouts, “I quit!” and storms out, slamming the door. This scenario is best described as an example ofStudent Answer: BAnswer: IncorrectReference:6.   When desired healthcare outcomes are consistent with professional knowledge, then the organization has achievedStudent Answer: CAnswer: IncorrectReference:8.   A patient’s discharge status prognosis is “good.” This prognosis is an example ofStudent Answer: DAnswer: IncorrectReference:11.   Which one of the following systems context models provides a “big picture” look at healthcare across a broad view of different influences on a system?Student Answer: AAnswer: IncorrectReference:12.   A manager was dissatisfied with the results of her study, so she reexamined and reframed the study. In doing so, she practicedStudent Answer: CAnswer: IncorrectReference:20.   A patient comes to the respiratory therapy department for a breathing treatment. This is an example of a/anStudent Answer: CAnswer: IncorrectReference:Achieving Quality Results in Complex Systems: Part 1Date Graded02/21/16ExaminationGrade40Document IDQuestion NumberYour AnswerAnswerReference1.CCorrect2.BCorrect3.DCorrect4.ACorrect5.CIncorrect6.BIncorrect7.DCorrect8.CIncorrect9.CIncorrect10.CIncorrect11.CIncorrect12.BCorrect13.CIncorrect14.AIncorrect15.CIncorrect16.DIncorrect17.ACorrect18.AIncorrect19.CIncorrect20.ACorrectQuestions Answered Incorrectly5.   Which part of the SMART goal system requires perspective and context to be useful?Student Answer: CAnswer: IncorrectReference:6.   When an unexpected death occurs in a healthcare facility, accredited hospitals are required to conductStudent Answer: BAnswer: IncorrectReference:8.   Policies established by organizations that oversee and guide the healthcare industry are _______ policies.Student Answer: CAnswer: IncorrectReference:9.   Which part of the SMART goal system can limit innovations or breakthroughs?Student Answer: CAnswer: IncorrectReference:10.   Which part of the SMART goal system can make an organization stay at the current ability levels of employees?Student Answer: CAnswer: IncorrectReference:11.   Creating new positions and conducting training for new employees instead of identifying the underlying cause of problems is an example ofStudent Answer: CAnswer: IncorrectReference:13.   When private policies aren’t in place, which of the following types of policies may pick up the slack?Student Answer: CAnswer: IncorrectReference:14.   The policy that may allow the use of public funding to ensure that public objectives are met is the _______ policy.Student Answer: AAnswer: IncorrectReference:15.   If a nurse correctly starts an IV line in a patient, her action is bestclassified as a/anStudent Answer: CAnswer: IncorrectReference:16.   “Getting new furniture for the obstetrics unit waiting room within the next year” is an example of a/anStudent Answer: DAnswer: IncorrectReference:18.   Regular mammogram screenings for healthy women is bestdescribed as an example of _______ prevention.Student Answer: AAnswer: IncorrectReference:19.   Improving nursing customer service is an example of a/an _______ goal.Student Answer: CAnswer: IncorrectReference:Achieving Quality Results in Complex Systems: Part 2Date Graded02/21/16Examination516813RRGrade55Document IDQuestion NumberYour AnswerAnswerReference1.ACorrect2.CCorrect3.ACorrect4.CIncorrect5.ACorrect6.AIncorrect7.BIncorrect8.CCorrect9.ACorrect10.BIncorrect11.CIncorrect12.ACorrect13.DIncorrect14.AIncorrect15.DIncorrect16.BCorrect17.DCorrect18.ACorrect19.BCorrect20.AIncorrectQuestions Answered Incorrectly4.   A department manager wishes to tackle the issue of high employee turnover and therefore schedules a department meeting. A new employee starts the meeting by asking, “Exactly what are we trying to accomplish here?” Unknowingly, the new employee is exhibiting a critical part of which quality cycle?Student Answer: CAnswer: IncorrectReference:6.   Which one of the following choices can be defined as “the voice of the customer”?Student Answer: AAnswer: IncorrectReference:7.   A manager is standardizing policies and sharing best practices in the departmental meeting. In doing so, the manager is fulfilling which step in the Shewhart cycle?Student Answer: BAnswer: IncorrectReference:10.   If a manager wants a quick and complete overview of what is happening in the business, the manager could useStudent Answer: BAnswer: IncorrectReference:11.   Implementing any change first on a small scale represents part of the ______ cycle.Student Answer: CAnswer: IncorrectReference:13.   A manager is reviewing the results of a coding study. In doing so, the manager is probably fulfilling which step in the PDCA cycle?Student Answer: DAnswer: IncorrectReference:14.   After listening to the complaints of overworked nurses, a nurse manager reviews schedules and then devises a plan to successfully hire additional staff and provide more days off. In doing so, the manager exhibited critical professional judgment known asStudent Answer: AAnswer: IncorrectReference:15.   According to the aspects of performance management measures, how can you determine whether a change is or isn’t an improvement?Student Answer: DAnswer: IncorrectReference:20.   Which one of the following types of analysis strives to prevent problems before they happen?Student Answer: AAnswer: IncorrectReference:

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