Due Monday by 8:30pm Introduction to Abnormal Psychology

PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS!!!! and SEE ATTACHMENTS!!!!!Must Know PsychologyIntroduction to Abnormal PsychologyMIND|MATTERCASE STUDY # 6An enlisted man in the Air Corps had some previous experience as a private pilot. Aftera disagreement with his wife, he decided to punish her by committing suicide.Choosing the most dramatic method he could think of, he took off in a large,unattended aircraft and made several passes at the local river, each time pulling upbefore he plunged in. Very soon, all other aircrafts were diverted to other cities, andthe local control tower was concentrating on trying to persuade him to change hismind. He finally agreed, but then he discovered that although he knew how to take off,he did not know how to land the unfamiliar plane. After some tense interchanges withthe tower control, however, he managed to get the plane down. When the militarypolice arrived at the plane, he found himself unable to remember his name or anythingabout his identity, his present situation, or the events leading up to it.Case OutlineObjective:Analyze the symptoms of individuals, properly diagnose their disorders…Process:1. Read the assigned case vignette2. Diagnosis the psychological disorder3. After diagnosis check with me to make sure its correct diagnosisPaper:1. Assume the reader has no specific knowledge of psychological disorders2. Type, doubled spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font3. Use proper APA style citations (For help with format and guidelines, from Moodle, go to the squares symbol [blocks links] > select library guides from the drop down > click on Research Assistance > Citation Management > APA Style [citation guidelines and formatting are here])4. Be sure to include a title page and (title should be your diagnosis and case study number)5. Each section should include a heading as shown below·  Diagnosis (Intro)·  Highlighted Manifestations (symptoms/behaviors)·  Etiological Dimension(s) (Discuss the multipath model/biological, psychological, social, sociocultural dimensions; if a single dimension is focused on be sure to provide understanding on the influence)·  Effective Treatment Options·  ConclusionGrading:APA Format and Mechanics: 10 pointsAPA citations (peer reviewed, scholarly): 25 pointsDiagnosis: 25 pointsEtiological Dimension (s): 15 pointsEffective Treatment Options: 15 pointsConclusion: 10 pointsTotal Possible Points: 100

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