Easy 2 page paper on differentiating your product: ‘At home dog training course and kit’.

Assignment Instructions:

Differentiate your product (CO2, CO5)

As you develop your branding and differentiate your product, you want to remember to look at this from your customer’s point of view. For this assignment, focus on the one, most significant advantage, and then brand your product accordingly. Explain how yours is different and better than your competition. For your branding strategy, discuss why people should buy from you, who your target customer is, and how you will fulfil your brand’s promise and provide value and service to your consumer. You may use any of these: product, image, people, service, or channel differentiation. Include a supporting narrative to explain your decisions.

  • Include a minimum of one scholarly source
  • Written paper of 2 pages plus branding
  • Format your paper according to APA guidelines

My product description:

My idea is an at home dog training course and kit. The kit will be designed to be put together by the customer, sold as a kit thats packaged nicely. The kit includes a ramp (for endurance and stability), cones (to zig zag through, for stability and discipline), tunnel (to run through as part of the course for training), treat bag ( to be rewarded when commands are met), shock collar (to simply grab the attention of the dog, not hurting the pup in any way) and a command platform ( to sit on when told, awaiting further instruction from the owner). A study-guide booklet will also be included in the packaging, teaching the customer step by step instructions on how to train your dog. Also available for purchase is an APP you can download on your smart phone allowing the customer 24 hour access to a professional trainer. Included inside the packaging will be a pamphlet explaining how the APP works, along with subscription details. It will also include a tracker option to see your dogs progress, marking goals and timelines along the way that have been completed. The APP will include the first week free, then the customer will have the option to purchase the subscription on a monthly basis.

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