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The purpose of this assignment is to create temporary tables and document them using an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD).For this assignment, continue to play the role of the data analyst for Adventure Works Cycling Company.Please note that when SQL queries are run, results are generated in the form of data. This data should be exported and saved to Excel for a visual check of accuracy.Create a Microsoft Word document that includes the SQL query code for the temporary table that includes the dates of each sales order.Create a temporary table for each of the Topic 4 assignment data components, as described in the table below.Temporary Table Name                  Topic 4 Assignment Query#MyProduct                   Find the product ID for the LL Road Frame – Black 60#MyPriceHistory           Find the listing price of the LL Road Frame – Black 60. Display ProductID,EndDate, and ListPrice#MySalesOrderDetail   How many orders have been placed for LL Road Frame – Black 60?Use the skills you have learned and practice writing a query to determine the dates of each sales orders from a table you have not looked at yet. Create a temporary table called #AllSalesOrderDates for this information.Use Draw.io to create a new entity relationship diagram (ERD) to document the addition of the temporary tables and the work stream. Show the relationship between the tables.Compile the Draw.io, Excel data file, and Word document containing the SQL queries and answers to the questions into a .zip file and submit to your instructor.https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/previous-versions/sql/sql-server-2008/ms124438(v=sql.100)https://www.sqldatadictionary.com/AdventureWorks2014.pdf

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