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Fin/370 Final exam

I will provide my log in to the university of Phoenix website so you can take the exam there. Please do not submit it. Reply to the assignment when complete and I will log in and submit the exam please call molted exam within two hours and 15 minutes so I can log on and verify answers. 30 multiple choice questions

Click the link to the Final Examination available from the end of Week 4 through the end of Week 5.

Complete the Final Examination. You are allowed one attempt to complete the examination, which is timed and must be completed in 2 hours. Results are automatically graded and sent to your instructor.

Note: The automated final exam was designed in Google Chrome and is best viewed in the latest version of the browser. If you do not use the latest version of Google Chrome to view and complete the automated final exam, you may not be able to view the entire exam content. If you do not have the most current version of Google Chrome, download the browser before you enter the exam

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