Five PowerPoint slides

We will be presenting on a particular supply chain of Lowe’s Home Improvement, a DeWalt drill. We have decided to split up the work into the 5 different tiers of the supply chain that we must cover: Battery Supplier distribution to DeWalt, DeWalt’s distribution to Lowe’s, Lowe’s distribution to Contractors, and Contractors provided service to Consumer’s.

Each member is assigned

Me———————––Contractors and what functions are performed with the drill (carpenters, electricians, mechanics, etc.)

These categories should cover the elements of a transportation system: People, Ways, Vehicles, Motive Power, Terminals, and Information Systems. Additionally, each category should cover documentation that is involved in the transfer of goods from one tier to the next. A general understanding of the documentation should be known, and you should be able to tell an audience what it actually does. For example, a bill of lading would document who is selling a product to the buyer, what is in the shipment, and who you need to pay. That document is delivered to the consignee, the purchaser, by the carrier, trucking company, on behalf of the consignor, the salesman.

Remember, we have to have 3 modes of transportation and have to cross an ocean or border. It should be simple enough. I will open up a slides presentation shortly for us to work on collaboratively

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