For your final project, you will write a reflection paper from the point of view of a human service professional in his or her last job in the field. You can choose to be a Chief Executive Officer, or supervisor, or any other job that interests you. The purpose of your paper is to provide advice for others in your agency who are just beginning their careers in human services. You will include specific information from your Unit 3 project about using effective coordination between agencies in the community for service delivery. You will also describe some of the best methods for providing direct service to clients using the information from your Unit 6 project. You will describe the importance of advocating for the needs of the people in your local community (and for the agencies that serve them).In the last part of the paper, describe at least two of the most important lessons that you learned in working with people in all of your human service jobs.Your project should be between 1800 and 2400 words in length. Make sure that sure that you follow APA format, use Standard American English, and cite references within the text of your paper as well as in the reference section. While the text is your main source for this project, please use the Kaplan Library Academic Search Premier database to find at least two articles from peer- reviewed journals. You should also use a minimum of two reliable websites. A good starting point for reliable Internet sources is our government website at

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