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Course Project – Final Marketing Plan SubmissionThis week, your Final Marketing Plan is due. For complete details, click on the Marketing Plan tab in Course Home and download the Marketing Plan Guide in Doc Sharing.In your final Marketing Plan, you will be adding Section 4.0, Section 5.0, and the Executive Summary to your Marketing Plan, as well as putting the Final touches on your Complete Marketing Plan. Please Remember to go back and revise each of these sections based upon the grading feedback, and the readings, lectures, and discussions throughout the course.Marketing Plan Outline1.0 Executive Summary2.0 Situation Analysis2.1 Market Summary2.2 SWOT Analysis2.3 Competition2.4 Product (Service) Offering2.5 Keys to Success2.6 Critical Issues3.0 Marketing Strategy3.1 Mission3.2 Marketing Objectives3.3 Financial Objectives3.4 Target Markets3.5 Positioning3.6 Strategies3.7 Marketing Mix3.8 Marketing Research4.0 Controls4.1 Implementation4.2 Marketing Organization4.3 Contingency Planning5.0 Conclusion

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