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The Critical Thinking assignments in this course will build upon each other to help you complete the final Portfolio Project, an evaluation plan for a business or organization that wishes to assess the effectiveness of their training and workplace learning initiatives. In this step, you will research and select the business or organization you plan to use in your Portfolio Project.Ideally, you will select a real business or organization—this will provide you with the opportunity to solve real problems and practice dealing with the complexities of organizations that grow and change in response to multifaceted issues. This step may require additional research to ensure that you can obtain all of the information needed to complete the profile as well as the remaining assignments in the course that pertain to this business or organization.Once you have selected your business or organization, continue to use the Portfolio Project template linked on the Module 8 Assignments page to provide a profile based on the dimensions below:Name of Business/OrganizationDescription of Business (Organizational structure, number of employees, strategy, drivers, etc.)Infrastructure available to support online delivery of assessments and evaluations.Preferred online delivery method and tools (blended, strictly online, LMS, digital, mobile, and social technology tools, etc.).Please indicate how you located the information for your profile, citing at least 2-3 credible sources

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