FORUM – CASE 15: “Twitter: Redefining Communication” (p. C-30).

FORUM – CASE 15: “Twitter: Redefining Communication” (p. C-30).Please overview, identify company problems and causes of problems, agree or disagree with solutions that the company found. Ask each-other challenging questions or do suggestions to help the company solve their problems. Determine the relevance of the chapter materials (terms, concepts, and theories) to the case. Please do so in every case discussion during the semester and participate in the discussion more than one time.You should use the following structure:1. Overview2. Company problems3. Causes of problems4. Company solutions5. My suggestions6. Relevance to the chapterThis will help make the case discussion interesting and exciting.FORUM – EE 15: Comunication and Teamwork Dilemmas (Page SB-17)Work individually first and then discuss in the team. Read instructions. Upload a team summary not later than 11:55 PM next day. Note that there are no CLASS discussions on the EEs. Team Discussions only. Please visit the FORUM more than once. Answer your teammates’ questions for you if any.

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