Four Recommendations About Nucor Company

ISSUE SECTION: Clear statement of issues confronting the company, MAKE A SET OF RECOMMENDATIONS SUPPORTED BY YOUR ANLAYSIS.

Your recommendations are considered new ” strategies” that must match up with each of the problem issues of the case. State which issue it is solving in both your powerpoint and your written section

2. Make sure your recommendations follow the guidelines as stated in the article ” What is Strategy ” in that they are not just operational changes meaning performing similar activities better than rivals. “It is performing different activities from rivals or performing similar activities in different ways.” pg 8-9 in text. Please refer back to article ” What is Strategy” by Michael Porter posted under Syllabus.

3. Your recommended strategy should lead to a Sustainable Competitive Advantage which is defined by the VRIN

4. Measured against the company’s current strategy

Each student will submit a minimum of two pages typed single space of their recommendations for the issues

Total 4 recommendations 2 in one page total two pages

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