Framing and Language Elements

Select your focus commercial, ad, or infomercial. Note the URL, if available.View the commercial/ad/infomercial as many times, as needed, to sufficiently analyze your cognitive and emotional involvement with it. In particular, consider:How does framing of the commercial/ad/infomercial inform your involvement with the material?What elements of language are used, such as speed, power, and intensity?How do those language elements influence your involvement, and which language element stands out most?Evaluate the commercial/ad/ infomercial according to the principles and practices of advertising ethics.Post responses to the following:Describe the commercial/ad/infomercial. Provide a link, if available.Summarize your analysis of your cognitive and emotional connection to the commercial/ad/infomercial. In your summary, be sure to explain how the framing and elements of language informed your involvement, including which language element was most salient for you and why.Explain your conclusions about the ethics of the strategies used in the commercial/ad/infomercial.

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