Generic Psychological Knowledge Packet

Title pageSee requirements, including your personal quote, below.Two lettersOne letter to the Dean of the College of Health Human Services and ScienceOne letter to the President of Ashford UniversityThe letters should indicate your close completion of your degree and how you believe the degree has supported your goals. (One letter draft was created in Week 2. A second letter must also be created.Personal resumeThree writing examplesThey must exemplify knowledge associated with the developed psychological knowledge.Feedback from Week 2 should be applied.EssayThe content of this essay should reflect your knowledge gained and how you will apply it in your future.Created Week 3. Feedback and revisions should be applied.A letterAddressed to a person of your choosing that shares your soon completion of your degree.The letter should summarize your experiences and knowledge gained.In addition, discuss your suggestions to your recipient for successfully completing school. (Originally submitted in Week 4)Journal goal analysisDeveloped in the Week 2 Journal.References listMust include all items cited throughout your packet.Formatted in APA Style.

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