global warning due tonight

Watch the video:Earth 2050: The Future of Energy (Links to an external site.). (Closed Caption and Transcript available on YouTube.)Write a two-page essay based on the video and no other source that summarizes the present problems that exist from energy consumption in the world. Explain the type of solutions that scientists are exploring to help with creating alternative energy sources by 2050.  Do you believe that Utopia will ever be possible?  IncludeAPA (Links to an external site.)reference for the youtube video at the end the document.Watch Video (Links to an external site.)    YouTube URL: (Links to an external site.)2nd one/ 200 wordsWhat were the social and economic effects of standardization, interchangeability and mass production?3rd question 200 wordsStep 1: Access (Links to an external site.)to understand Global Warming.Step 2: Do you believe the issue of Global Warming can be solved?  Explain your answer.  Cite at least three Internet sources using APA guidelines.

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